Silver Half Dollar

1982 George Washington Commemorative Proof Silver Half Dollar USA Coin Gift Box

1982 George Washington Commemorative Proof Silver Half Dollar USA Coin Gift Box
1982 George Washington Commemorative Proof Silver Half Dollar USA Coin Gift Box
1982 George Washington Commemorative Proof Silver Half Dollar USA Coin Gift Box
1982 George Washington Commemorative Proof Silver Half Dollar USA Coin Gift Box
1982 George Washington Commemorative Proof Silver Half Dollar USA Coin Gift Box
1982 George Washington Commemorative Proof Silver Half Dollar USA Coin Gift Box
1982 George Washington Commemorative Proof Silver Half Dollar USA Coin Gift Box

1982 George Washington Commemorative Proof Silver Half Dollar USA Coin Gift Box

United States of America 1982 President George Washington Commemorative Proof Silver Half Dollar in Gift Presentation Box Reference: KM 208 GEORGE WASHINGTON LIBERTY 250th ANNIVERSARY OF BIRTH 1982, President George Washington atop horse facing; initials of Designer Elizabeth Jones "EJ" in field to left; mintmark S (for San Francisco) in field to right. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IN GOD WE TRUST HALF DOLLAR, Facade of President George Washington's Home, Mount Vernon with the Great Seal below. This is the first 90% silver coin to be produced since 1964 and also the first commemorative coin to be produced since 1954 by the mint of the United States of America. Size: 1.205 in diameter; reeded edge Weight. 100 copper Deisgner: Elizabeth Jones, Chief Sculptor and Engraver of the United States Mint: United States Assay Office in San Francisco, California Mintmark: "S" Authority: Public Law 97-104 December 23, 1981.

George Washington February 22, 1732. 1799 was the first President of the United States (17891797), the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War , and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He presided over the convention that drafted the United States Constitution , which replaced the Articles of Confederation and remains the supreme law of the land.

Washington was elected president as the unanimous choice of the electors in the elections of both 17881789 and 1792. He oversaw the creation of a strong, well-financed national government that maintained neutrality in the wars raging in Europe, suppressed rebellion, and won acceptance among Americans of all types.

Washington established many forms in government still used today, such as the cabinet system and inaugural address. His retirement after two terms and the peaceful transition from his presidency to that of John Adams established a tradition that continued up until Franklin D.

Roosevelt was elected to a third term. Washington has been widely hailed as " father of his country " even during his lifetime. Washington was born into the provincial gentry of Colonial Virginia ; his wealthy planter family owned tobacco plantations and slaves, that he inherited.

Although Washington owned hundreds of slaves throughout his lifetime, his views on slavery evolved, and he desired to free them and abolish slavery. After both his father and older brother died when he was young, Washington became personally and professionally attached to the powerful William Fairfax , who promoted his career as a surveyor and soldier. Washington quickly became a senior officer in the colonial forces during the first stages of the French and Indian War. Chosen by the Second Continental Congress in 1775 to be commander-in-chief of the Continental Army in the American Revolution, Washington managed to force the British out of Boston in 1776, but was defeated and almost captured later that year when he lost New York City.

After crossing the Delaware River in the dead of winter, he defeated the British in two battles, retook New Jersey and restored momentum to the Patriot cause. Because of his strategy, Revolutionary forces captured two major British armies at Saratoga in 1777 and Yorktown in 1781. Historians laud Washington for his selection and supervision of his generals, encouragement of morale and ability to hold together the army, coordination with the state governors and state militia units, relations with Congress and attention to supplies, logistics, and training. In battle, however, Washington was repeatedly outmaneuvered by British generals with larger armies.

After victory had been finalized in 1783, Washington resigned as Commander-in-chief rather than seize power, proving his opposition to dictatorship and his commitment to American republicanism. Dissatisfied with the Continental Congress , in 1787 Washington presided over the Constitutional Convention that devised a new federal government for the United States. Elected unanimously as the first President of the United States in 1789, he attempted to bring rival factions together to unify the nation. Washington proclaimed the United States neutral in the wars raging in Europe after 1793. He avoided war with Great Britain and guaranteed a decade of peace and profitable trade by securing the Jay Treaty in 1795, despite intense opposition from the Jeffersonians.

Although he never officially joined the Federalist Party , he supported its programs. Washington's Farewell Address was an influential primer on republican virtue and a warning against partisanship, sectionalism, and involvement in foreign wars. He freed all his slaves by his final will. Washington had a vision of a great and powerful nation that would be built on republican lines using federal power. He sought to use the national government to preserve liberty, improve infrastructure, open the western lands, promote commerce, found a permanent capital, reduce regional tensions and promote a spirit of American nationalism.

At his death, Washington was eulogized as "first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen" by Henry Lee. The Federalists made him the symbol of their party but for many years, the Jeffersonians continued to distrust his influence and delayed building the Washington Monument. As the leader of the first successful revolution against a colonial empire in world history, Washington became an international icon for liberation and nationalism.

He is consistently ranked among the top three presidents of the United States, according to polls of both scholars and the general public. Mount Vernon in Fairfax County, Virginia , near Alexandria , was the plantation home of George Washington , first President of the United States.

The estate is situated on the banks of the Potomac River across from Prince George's County , Maryland. The Washington family had owned land in the area since the time of Washington's great-grandfather in 1674, and in 1739 embarked on an expansion of the estate that continued under George Washington, who came into possession of the estate in 1754, but did not become its sole owner until 1761.

The mansion is built of wood in a loose Palladian style , and was constructed by George Washington in stages between 1758 and 1778; it occupies the site of an earlier, smaller house built by George Washington's father Augustine , some time between 1726 and 1735. It remained Washington's country home for the rest of his life.

Following his death in 1799, under the ownership of several successive generations of the family, the estate progressively declined. In 1858, the house's historical importance was recognized and it was saved from ruin by The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association ; this philanthropic organization acquired it together with part of the Washington estate. Escaping the damage suffered by many plantation houses during the American Civil War , Mount Vernon was restored.

Mount Vernon was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1960 and is today listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is still owned and maintained in trust by The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, and is open every day of the year. However, admitting the public is not a new innovation, but maintenance of a tradition over 200 years old begun by George Washington himself; as early as 1796, he wrote: I have no objection to any sober or orderly person's gratifying their curiosity in viewing the buildings, Gardens, &ca. What is a certificate of authenticity and what guarantees do you give that the item is authentic? You will be quite happy with what you get with the COA; a professional presentation of the coin, with all of the relevant information and a picture of the coin you saw in the listing. Is there a number I can call you with questions about my order? When should I leave feedback? Once you receive your order, please leave a positive. Please don't leave any negative feedbacks, as it happens many times that people rush to leave feedback before letting sufficient time for the order to arrive. The matter of fact is that any issues can be resolved, as reputation is most important to me. My goal is to provide superior products and quality of service.

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  • Denomination: Half Dollar
  • Mint Location: San Francisco
  • Circulated/Uncirculated: Uncirculated
  • Strike Type: Proof
  • Certification: Uncertified
  • Composition: Silver
  • Year: 1982
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

1982 George Washington Commemorative Proof Silver Half Dollar USA Coin Gift Box